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    Grabbit provides the easiest and fastest merchant- customer engagement. With all businesses looking to reach customer with their offers/deals the fastest and easiest way and reduce the time - cost cycle of printing, moving towards the philosophy of no paper and green environment. An innovative and new way to engage with guests, improve customer satisfaction & encourage customer loyalty. Cutting thru the barriers of brick & mortar businesses with limited resources (both human & financial) to dedicate an elaborate strategy of engaging with customers and closely managing customer relations/communications.

    Grabbit mobile app provides all the details of the offers/daily deals of the merchants to the customer within the radius of 10KM making customer engagements a faster and better experience. A well-defined automated B2C platform for Merchant and the Customer which provides Merchant with a login dashboard and the customizable template’s to showcase their offers and make it visible to customers within few minutes- the fastest way of showcasing your offers/daily deals. Effortlessly promote new products, upcoming events, or exclusive specials and deliver it to customer’s right in the palm of their hand.

    Read more:- Grabbit Media App
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    Not sure if this is an ad or not but it seems interesting I guess. Cool name too.

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