New character to be Introduced in Borderland 3..

Discussion in 'Borderlands 3 News' started by D Lee, Jun 28, 2017.

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    Jun 26, 2017
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    Neumann said during PAX East 2016 that Borderlands 3 may introduce Scooter the mechanic's son, aptly named Scooper. However, we're still in the shadows about what capacity the new character will be used in (incidentally, Neumann was the one who had voiced Scooter). Perhaps he will be one of the playable characters that the new game will introduce, or he may be an NPC. However, Neumann said that nothing was confirmed as the studio was in the phase of cooking up ideas for Borderlands 3.
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    I sure did not know about Scooter but the gist is that two new sirens may be introduced in Borderlands 3. They don't have to be sirens but it is likely that two new playable female characters will feature in the new game. If all that fails then the assumption is that two new characters, not necessarily female, will be introduced in Borderlands 3. I am really hoping Tiny Tina becomes a playable character.
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    I am always open to the addition of new characters or features. At this I do not really care who it is but just welcome a little change.

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