What I dislike about this diversion.....

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    1) to numerous Dee's playing this game(a Dee is (A)someone that does not want(act like they need) to proceed onward in the story/diversion (B)anyone who alludes to sans semi roam(what you open once you have done everything twice including add on) as PT. 2.5 (C)anyone who does not complete a territory before turning any that you have to do in said area(exemptions are if the journey/side mission is not available)(D)anyone who does not recognize what somebody know when they say the bank(what maxi’s underdone uproar is useful for once you do every one of the ranges)

    2) fourth extra is WAY too short(all you have to do will be do what's necessary to came to the heart of the matter were you converse with the person in the suit and do anything he sends you to do)

    3) To numerous glitches (something you are not so-post to do but rather can in the event that you know how)

    4) Many individuals attempting to make sense of what the glitches are or attempting to do them on the off chance that you can discover anything that you don't care for please don't hesitate to post them

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