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A Patch Is On The Way For The Outriders Demo

by Peter Paltridgeon March 5, 2021
Most people are enjoying the free Outriders demo available now for consoles and PC, but are you having connection or performance issues? Or do you wish there was a motion blur fix for the console version? Good news, folks… Last week we posted a scratch fix for the PC version of the Outriders demo that […]
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Large Amount Of Weapons Buffed In Latest Borderlands 3 Patch

by Peter Paltridgeon August 12, 2020
Got a stockpile of uninteresting and/or crummy weapons in Borderlands 3? Wondering why you even bother to keep that stuff around at all? It’s because you’re psychic, that’s why…Gearbox just put out a new patch that buffed over 15 weapons in Borderlands 3, in some cases making them highly desirable. Check and see if you […]