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    Disclaimer: I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that Modding on consoles is against the Console Terms of Service Agreement. If you for some reason do get caught, this forum is not responsible. This is why I'll stress that you Mod your game saves at your own risk.

    One More Thing: If you do decide to do some modding, I suggest you keep a low profile. Don't ruin the game for people who want to play legitmately. Respect their decision to do so and please just use your best judgement.

    Quick Suggestion: I highly recommend if you do any modding, always keep your save files on a USB. This will protect the legitimate characters you've worked so hard to level from being corrupted. That way, if you're modded characters get corrupted you can just overwrite them with fresh new saves.


    In this thread, we will go over how to use the gibbed editor to:
    -Make any legitimate weapons/gear that can be found in the game
    -Max out your character's money, eridium, torgue tokens and Seraph Crystals
    -How to Mod your Ammo beyond normal capacity, or have 50,000 capacity for each weapon type.
    -Much More!! (As time progresses)

    By the way: Using gibbed will require you to know how to import/export save files. This will be included in later updates if this information is requested.

    1. Making Gear:

    1. Load a Save
    2. Go to the Bank or Backpack tab, depending on where you want the item
    3. Click New weapon or Item(All guns are covered by the Weapon tab. Shields, Grenades and everything else are covered by the item tab). Click on the down arrow if you want to create an item from one of the DLCs.
    4. Select the weapon type, balance and manufacturer. These should fill out and have one choice if done correctly
    5. Select the Manufacturer Grade(this will determine the Level of the weapon or item)
    6. For Weapons, use the drop down arrows to select materials for the Body, Grip, Barrel, Sight, Stock, Element(if applicable) and Accessory #1. Also select a material.

    For Everything else fill out the Alpha-Material sections where possible.

    7. Set the Game stage to the same number as the Manufacturer Grade
    8. Save the file and import into the game to use!

    Notes: The quantity tab allows you to carry more than 1 item in an inventory slot. The purpose of this is to allow you to sell say 20 copies of that item and drop them in game. Useful for dropping Class Mods, Shields, Grenade Mods and other items that would otherwise be hard to acquire.

    2. Max Currency:

    This is pretty easy. Go to the Currency Tab, and type the following numbers:

    99,999,999 for Credits/Money
    999 for Eridium, Seraph Crystals and Torgue Tokens

    This will allow your character to carry the maximum amount of Money, Eridium, Seraph Crystals and Torgue Tokens that is currently possible.

    3. Modding your Ammo

    Coming Soon!!!!
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