Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Being Examined For XP Glitch.

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Media' started by Todd Black, Nov 28, 2016.

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    During a recent Double XP event for Infintie Warfare, some players have noticed that the XP awarded in multiplayer wasn't exactly double. Leaving many to wonder if there was a major glitch happening under the developers noses. They apparently do know about this, and are looking into it. This was confirmed on Reddit by Infinity Ward's Joe Cecot, who said:

    "I did some digging tonight to verify how our double XP is hooked up. Almost all events in IW are set up to allow for bonus XP. The two main events flagged to not allow bonux XP are challenge event types and weapon challenge event types.
    We'll have a look at potentially modifying this for future Double XP events but we'll want to make sure the XP earn rate doesn't go crazy before we do.
    Thanks for calling this out.
    [EDIT] - Some further digging. Match Bonus XP is also not currently included. Again, we'll definitely look at adjusting some of these to more of what players are used to."
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    Glitches like these happen all the time. It takes a lot of patience to make a game bug free and will surely take a while longer until they do this with Infinite Warfare. I`m sure they will fix the issue as soon as possible, though.

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