Destiny Update 4/9/2015

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    Destiny is a game that started out with a lot of potential, and quickly grew large in its hype. Yet when the game came out, it wasn't everything we wanted it to be.

    But, leave it to Bungie to do everything it could to make the game better. Bungie has been in constant work mode to fix bugs, improve gameplay, add more content for players to enjoy, and more.

    Though it's currently unknown when the next update for Destiny will come out, the game is set to change a little with the update, mainly in Player vs. Player gameplay.Here's the Bungie team on the update

    "This week at Bungie, we completed work on the next Destiny Update. Now we clear the runway and prepare for a safe landing. The team is still picking the perfect day with the right conditions. This is careful work. I promise to Tweet out a signal as soon as we have a flight plan. It will be very soon."

    They go on and state a key change in the PvP:

    "To keep you engaged in the process, we’ve been talking about this update for weeks now. Included in its contents are some things we haven’t detailed out yet, including:

    •PVP Ammunition – The Crucible team wants to change the way ammo crates dictate the flow of a battle."

    It is apparently Bungie's major goal to change how certain things flow in online matches. Trying to balance the landscape between the gamers, making them think more strategically in the game, and giving a clearer definition on the purpose of Heavy Ammo.

    As stated above, the team will inform us via Twitter when the next update is released.
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    It's good that we will know about the update via Twitter. By the way, thanks for the news.

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