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    Official release date: Sunday, 3/24/13

    Hello, and welcome to the Entropy server thread. We are officially releasing this server to the public, so if you'd like to be a part of something new and awesome, be sure to join and start playing! The Entropy drug server will consist of friendly staff, free raiding, and secret stuff that will entertain all free/donators.

    Our intention was to make this server a little more difficult than most servers out there (specifically drug servers).

    Supports votifier
    Pro tip: You can't set home until you have 1k in-game cash. You can earn over 1k by voting. (Its 1k to rankup)

    Get on and make your impact on this server! Be among the first to say that you helped build the Entropy Drug Server from the ground up, or just join in to get a head start among those who may stray across this later on!

    IP: EntropyDrugServer.com

    Got a question to ask?: Make a post and ask, we will try to answer it ASAP. This thread is subject to be updated. Or if all else fails, shoot us a PM

    Images: Go here to see images.
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