Fallout 4 Team Spent A Lot Of Time On RPG Mechanics And Weapons

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    For a game like Fallout 4, where doing almost anything is possible, you wonder where Bethesda spent a lot of time on certain things. Did they focus on the landscape more? Or combat and RPG aspects? Did they do what they felt would be best? Or go by what they thought the gamers would enjoy more?

    Well, Pete Hines talked about this topic, and though the overall game was a priority, certain aspects did receive a lot of focus. Mainly, weapons and combat.

    “The first-person combat, [both] the guns and melee is something the team spent a lot of time on trying to improve so that it felt like a good first-person shooter, as opposed to a ‘well it’s an RPG so it’s good enough’ approach,” says Hines. “I think they wanted to really push on the action and combat aspect because it is something that you spend so much time doing in a game like Fallout 4.”

    They also focused on the interactivity of the world, and the places and items you can touch and interact with.

    “Every single item in the world is a real object that has physics, and can go bouncing off of walls, ceilings and floors, [or] can be picked up and put down somewhere else,” he says.

    “So I think [the development team] has continued to try more and new ways to control the chaos and to still allow the players this almost unlimited freedom because that’s ultimately what the game is about. Be whatever you want. Go and do whatever you want.”

    See the world with your own eyes when Fallout 4 comes out on November 10th.
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    This game has already been released and I must say, it's an amazing game.
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    I have had the game for a while but had yet to play it, though it does look like an incredible game.

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