Maya Harmonic Motion (Healer/Support for Maya) Co-op build

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    Sacridfire's Harmonic Motion Build - Healer/Support (Designed for 3-4 player teams)

    In this build the main goal is to use Phaselock on either the toughest enemy (Healing with Elated) or whatever your team is shooting (Healing with Sweet Release). Once you reach higher levels you will have access to the talent Sub-Sequence which lets Phaselock attach to a new target when the current target dies allowing you to get more life orbs from Sweet Release. For those boss fights or targets immune to Phaselock you will have Restoration to heal with bullets (Works like Roland's heal from BL1). The most important thing to remember as Maya is this: You are not Lilith. You have Crowd Control and Elemental-based damage but you should not be trying to get in the middle of things, you want to stay out of the action unless absolutely necessary. Although if you do need to be in the open you have the capability of being there for a short time.

    Class Mod - Anything with "Nurse" in its name will work. Elated is the best source of healing when there is a target that can be phaselocked so prioritize this.

    Shield - A shield that absorbs bullets would be best, but a damage boost would work as well.

    Grenade Mod - Transfusion is the best choice here. Extra healing from grenades when you need it. Do not spam them though as they are better when used sparingly for "oh crap" moments.

    Now time to explain why I chose the talents I did and explain to the best of my ability why I took them. If you disagree with my choices (Excluding Sustenance and Inertia since these are filler/leftover points and are meant to be placed wherever.) tell me why you feel they are bad choices and give me a link to a build you feel is better and I will test it when I reach the level cap (sometime before Friday I hope).

    Harmony Tree
    1. Sweet Release will be your main source of healing and is the central talent of this build.
    2. Restoration is taken in case Life Orbs aren't enough or you are fighting stronger enemies and/or bosses.
    3. Elated is taken for the in between time when Phaselock targets aren't being killed.
    4. Res is pretty self-explanatory, if a teammate goes down Phaselock them to bring them back up so they can rejoin the fight. More damage from them means less damage your opponents can do.
    5. The 4 points in Sustenance are leftoverr points and can be placed wherever depending on what is needed.

    Motion Tree
    1. Ward or Accelerate are both viable choices for this build, I took Ward since this is a build designed around having a group so you won't need the damage.
    2. Suspension is taken to increase the duration of Phaselock meaning up to 15% more health from Elated when used to lock an enemy down or more jumps from Sub-Sequence when used on the kill target.
    3. Converge is there to group enemies up so your allies can spray them and so Sub-Sequence has a shorter jump time.
    4. Inertia is another filler talent. Put these points anywhere in the Motion Tree.
    5. Quicken is there so Phaselock can be used more. More Phaselocks means more healing and less damage taken overall due to the CC aspect of it.
    6. Sub-Sequence is the bread and butter of this build for playing at the level cap. Whenever your Phaselock target dies Phaselock will search for another target. Doesn't sound all that great? Well every time a Phaselocked target is killed you get 5 life orbs from Sweet Release, the faster you kill things the more healing you do. And since your Phaselock doesn't expire when your target dies it is more possible healing from Elated.

    Click here to see the talent calculator.

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    Hey man. I'm currently building a healer with my girlfriend (Shes a melee assassin). I agree with the transfusion mods, I especially like slag since it helps her kill thing easier. for my shield, I use the ones that deposit absorbed ammo into your magazine.
    What I was hoping you could help me out with is a question about Maya's Restoration Skill. I seem to use it quite a lot, but since my gf is a melee character that is always running around I have a hard time getting enough hits to actually heal her. I use SMG's, assault rifles, shotguns and Rocket launchers. I advise you to try rocket launchers if you haven't already. But my main question is, What gun (Type, manufactorer or named weapon, whatever you can tell me) do you like to use for healing?

    Thanks, and Ill try to help you out with any questions you can think of.
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    For healing your self, I'd say the Grog Nozzle would be the way you can go. You can heal yourself by using Phaselock + Ruin and you can heal as the DoT damage is done to an enemy. Or you can let grenades explode near or on an enemy to heal.

    As for group healing, I'd say the Slow Hand would be really good. You can heal your self as well as your teammates. It's obtained from Badasssauras Rex in DLC2. It's essentially an improved Hyperion Splatgun and definitely recommended.

    Any rocket launcher would probably work as well for group healing as well. Norfleet might be the best, but you could feasibly use anything with a high explosion radius.

    There is a known glitch with this though(though I think it was literally patched out a day ago) that AoE weapons would heal the player, teammates and enemies.

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