Overpower Level 55 Character with OP 55 Gear

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    Disclaimer: I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that Modding on consoles is against the Console Terms of Service Agreement. If you for some reason do get caught, this forum is not responsible. This is why I'll stress that you Mod your game saves at your own risk.

    One More Thing: If you do decide to do some modding, I suggest you keep a low profile. Don't ruin the game for people who want to play legitmately. Respect their decision to do so and please just use your best judgement.

    Quick Suggestion: I highly recommend if you do any modding, always keep your save files on a USB. This will protect the legitimate characters you've worked so hard to level from being corrupted. That way, if you're modded characters get corrupted you can just overwrite them with fresh new saves.

    Hey all,

    Deftoned just posted a video on youtube with a game save that contains an OP 55 character with OP 55 weapons. Here is a link to the video.


    As you may know or may not know, alittle after the game was released, people had level 150(or so) characters with Level 127 weapons. Of course, these were hilariously overpowered, patched and done away with.

    Thanks to the new Overpower-Leveling system, you can use essentially what were Level 80 weapons. With a modded OP level, you can use weapons with an OP level of 55, which is actually a level 127 weapon!

    So yeah, Level 127 weapons in game are now back.

    This will probably get patched eventually. I don't know how soon, but this was released today(Sept 5 2013) and may work for the rest of the games lifespan.

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