Server Issue For Battlefield 1 Fixed

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Media' started by Todd Black, Nov 28, 2016.

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    A massive server problem prevented players from going online to play Battlefield 1 yesterday. This encompassed all aspects of the online gameplay, including matchmaking, looking at leaderboards, and more.

    This error was curious, as it only occurred on the Xbox One, and though Microsoft was fixing problems in regards to servers, it was for other games, not Battlefield 1. In fact, the players themselves had to show Microsoft the errors in order to get their attention to make the fix.

    However, they did fix the issue, whatever it was, and players now have access to the servers. Microsoft has not made known what caused the problems in the first place.
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    This happened all the time in previous years, with previous games, as well. No big deal. Good thing they fixed it so fast, though, as they would probably have gotten a riot on their hands from disgruntled Battlefield 1 addicts worldwide.

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