When Can We Expect Borderlands 3's Fourth DLC?

Discussion in 'Borderlands 3 News' started by Peter Paltridge, Aug 12, 2020.

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    How can we figure out when the fourth DLC package for Borderlands 3 will hit? What are the clues we can examine to possibly sniff out a date?

    Gearbox used to be up-front about its DLC release schedule, publishing a public roadmap for future BL3 content. These schedules were published up until the spring of 2020, and then nothing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to guess why that would be the case....life is no longer predictable.

    The development team was not forthcoming about when the third DLC, Bounty Of Blood, would hit...we simply learned about it close to its actual release date. Joshua Duckworth of GameRant took a look at the releases so far and pulled together a theory for the street date of DLC 4. He believes it could be soon.

    "each Borderlands 3 DLC released closer to the middle-end of the month, as Heist of the Handsome Jackpot was the earliest DLC released. Furthermore, the most important thing is that three months pass between each DLC, including DLC 1 from the first game. This shows some indication that roadmaps were planned, as these neatly correspond with one another."

    Since Bounty Of Blood was released on June 25, Joshua postulates that DLC #4 for Borderlands 3 will arrive at the end of September. He admits though that he's only spitballing to the best of his ability. The omnipresent shadow of COVID-19 and the difficulties in working around it means no estimate can be truly accurate. What do you think?

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