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    Hello there traveler !

    Just signed up here, wanted to to share my build for my main Amara, get some feedbacks and advices, and discuss mechanics, and so on :)

    For the build, check attached pics :)

    So, the goal of this build is fairly simple : get as much melee damage boosts as possible, and get close to enemies as much as possible.
    We'll use Jakobs shotguns most of the time, with melee attachment if possible.

    With this build, I'm currently achieving @lvl38 about 9k damages on trash (haven't been able to note the numbers on badasses yet, don't know if they change or not...)
    The key to get the most effectiveness from Blitz, is to shoot big enemies in the face 2-3 times with your hardest hitting gun (Jakobs shotguns are perfect for this as they often offer small mags with high dmg output) and then cast Blitz. If correctly used, you should erase from existence trash mobs, and with some prep destroy badasses all the like :)
    I mostly play in coop 2players with my wife (she plays Fl4k with boosted-up Mr Chew buddy), so don't know how this build would fair in 4p coop.

    Total melee boost : 335% with FindYourCenter, IlluminatedFist, +60% melee dmg attachment
    Using legendary relic Grave (from the Graveward guardian) : 435%
    Using "Gain R.E.D.S.U.I.T" (not tested yet) : 515%

    If any advice/tips I'm not aware of, feel free to comment, and don't hesitate to ask questions either :)

    Thanks !

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