Guns alone won’t cut it any longer, sadly...

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    After playing BL3 to lvl 19 now, I have the distinct impression that BL3 is no longer the gun-centric game as previous BL versions. This especially goes for any solo marksman…marksperson.

    I took great pleasure in honing my controller (PS4) skills in past BL games to use the more controller-centric guns because ultimately, controller skills are the most unique skills an active player brings to the game. In other words, individual manual dexterity plays an important role in active gaming, where as pets, shields, etc are passive gaming elements.

    Some of the BL guns require more active controller-oriented skills (ie Jakobs guns) versus passive elemental damage.

    BL3, in my opinion, has taken on too many passive modes that take the fun out of any would be solo finesse gunslinging. Soloing speed and marksmanship are not in BL3 (in particular confronting bosses).

    Given that now you need group players, drones & shields (Zane), Pets (FL4K), heavy-armored mech & berserker auto-fire (Moze), and siren magic (Amara) to defeat major bosses, finesse sniping is no longer really a strong part of the game….if it is there at all. Zero….where art thou?…hello??

    I find it sadly ironic and very disappointing in a game that has built/advertised a strong reputation for gun variety and options (advertised especially in BL3), that marksmanship alone no longer cuts it.

    First person armor, pets, group effort, and magic…..second/third+ (group) person shooter? *le sigh*

    If you have had better luck on a solo gun build (not shored up with anything else) please post vids and/or make suggestions (constructively nice please)! Thanks in advance :) GO JAKOBS!
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    i do a solo fl4k build .with pistols aswelll. dont got any problem with any bosses so far. so i dont know where u basic your opinion on. but i dont get the problem
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    I totally get what you’re saying. I miss the sniping in BL2 and the silky smooth aim settings/controls. Had to play around for quite a bit to get settings that are similar, but still not as good as Handsome collection in regards to sniping anyway.

    I wish they would fix the sniping to have it more like BL2.

    BL2 Maliwan weapons you were able to place crit shots quite well. Now they are just completely different and not for the better IMO.

    For the “gun” feel/build, Ive been messing with a lot of combat rifles, Jakobs, Dahl and Vladof.

    You can go with a low zoom sniper with Vladof or Dahl (depending on what alternate fire modes) to get that feel although, sniping once again, isn’t the same.

    Pistols, Shottys and Smgs I would stick to the same manufacturers.

    For Rockets, the Vladof Gruppa is fun.

    As for Sniper Markmanship.....I feel your pain. I miss it too. Yea you can mess with Jakobs and still get head shots, but not as consistent or effective.

    RIP Maliwan snipers too.
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    im running zane with " drone and clone ", face punch shotgun for the clone ammo melee artifact ,then I get to run any other weapons and my clone keeps my ammo full as long as he is alive. I also selected the skills that share health back and forth between us. I only run mayhem 3, and it works very well for me.

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