F.Y.I. V.I.P. Usergroup Information

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    Here are the facts about the V.I.P. Usergroup:

    VIP Features Include:

    • Access to VIP Only section of the forum.
    • Ability to create custom user title.
    • Allowed to have larger avatar dimensions.
    • Greater Reputation power.
    • 5x Larger PM Box
    • Ability to Open/Close own threads.
    • Other hidden features.

    VIP Requirements:

    • Potential members must have 150+ posts.
    • Potential members must be registered for at least 2 months.
    • Potential members must be active.
    • Potential members must have no infractions/bans.

    Current VIP Induction System:

    VIP's can vouch for (sponsor) members they would like to see in the group. In order to be inducted, a member must meet all the requirements and must have 5 (FIVE) sponsors. Final admittance is at the sole discretion of the staff.
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    I thought everybody could do custom titles. There I go thinking again.

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