Winter Clan [BL3] [PC] [NA/EU] We Want You, Vault Hunters!

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    Hey! Vault Hunter! I heard you were looking to team up with other Vault Hunters to kill some bandits, get some loot, and tear the COV a new one before they eat your opposable thumbs! I got just the place for you to do that, and more!

    Good question! Winter clan is a multiple game branch clan with over 1,300+ members across all platforms, meaning there is always someone to talk to and play with whether you are in the NA or EU regions. (also includes other regions.) In Winter, community is everything, and because of that we are extending our hand to Vault Hunters, such as yourself, to join our family, which believe me is a lot better than joining the psychopathic COV.

    Another good question! In Winter, we have just started up our Borderlands 3 branch and we are looking for more Vault Hunters to join in the fight against the COV, Maliwan, and pretty much everything else that wants us dead in the Borderlands. You will meet like-minded, possibly insane, but kind folks that would be more than willing to group with you to create some memorable mayhem! Not a fan of fighting over loot? No problem! Most if not all of us play with cooperative loot enabled so we all don’t get left out or fight over glorious guns to loot! Want events? We got you boo! We will also be hosting BL3 events ranging from endgame content to helping others with story progression if they need it. Everybody wins in the Winter family!

    Just because we are all Vault Hunters doesn’t mean we can gallivant across the galaxy doing whatever we want to whoever we want, (Well OK that’s a lie), but there is a code of conduct that all Vault Hunters must abide by when joining us in vault hunting:

    (Age)- Even though Vault Hunters come in all shapes and sizes, we have set our vault hunting age requirement to 16+, it can get a bit too messy and/or crude for younger Vault Hunters.

    (Exclusivity)- The whole family values loyalty and consistency, and do not support Vault Hunters being a part of multiple families or organizations.

    (Inactivity)- Sometimes Vault Hunters need to step away from vault hunting to take care of personal matters, this is something that we understand and have no issues with, however based on your time with us and your status in the family you might be removed from our VH roster. Please let us know if you will be stepping away for an extended time.

    (Discord and Microphone is Mandatory!)- When vault hunting, all of our Vault Hunters use Discord as our primary means of communication, discussion and event planning. It is required for all of our Vault Hunters to be present in this Discord. Microphones are also important for social and group hunting purposes, it’s the cornerstone of any trusted relationship.

    (Toxicity and Banter)- Toxicity is not permitted in our family. Hate or derogatory speech including attacks on ones gender, religion, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation will not be tolerated. Conversations regarding politics, religion, drugs, or personal finance are highly discouraged. Breaking any of these rules will result in the removal from our Vault Hunting family. We want to shoot bullets at the bandits, not at each other!

    (Self-Promotion)- Sometimes Vault Hunters want to broadcast their hunting and/or looting on the Echo-net, we like that and allow it under our brand of guidelines, whether it is for individual or on behalf of the Winter family. That said, we will not promote individual agendas, unsolicited promotion of products, streams, materials or content that run contrary to our guidelines. Those will be removed.


    (Will update with proper links once I am able to actually post proper links, so for now copy/paste them with the https:// in front. Thanks!)

    Discord Link:

    Website Link: winterclan(.)net
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