Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 On PC Is Timed Exclusive

by Todd Blackon April 4, 2019
What’s the status of Borderlands 3 on PC? Will it be on Steam, or somewhere else? There’s been a bit of a war going on between PC game developers as of late, but not in the way you’d expect. Because many developers are going from putting their games on Steam, to putting them on the […]

Borderlands 3 Coming September 13th, 2019

by Todd Blackon April 4, 2019
Where is Borderlands 3? When is it coming out? Borderlands 3 has been a hot topic for many years now. With many wondering if it would ever come out, and what condition it would be in when it arrived. But now, Gearbox Software has revealed that the game will be coming out this year on September […]

New Rage 2 Screenshots

by Borderlands 3 Adminon March 11, 2019
Rage 2 is coming out later this year. What can you expect? Check out these new Rage 2 Screenshots.  Coming from Bethesda and Avalanche Studios, Rage 2 will be launch on the Xbox One, PS4 and PC later in 2019. Here’s a plot synopsis: An asteroid has annihilated 80% of the earth’s population, and humanity’s numbers […]

Apex Legends, a Free-To-Play Battle Royale, Available Now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One – Press Release

by Borderlands 3 Adminon March 11, 2019
Guildford – 4th February 2019 – Today Electronic Arts Inc. and Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends™, a free-to-play* battle royale shooter available right now on Origin for PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Set in the Titanfall™ universe, Apex Legends shakes up the battle royale genre with a cast of unique characters, squad-based gameplay, innovative mechanics and more. Apex Legends delivers a squad-based battle royale experience […]

New Black Ops 4 Season of Content Begins Tomorrow – Press Release

by Borderlands 3 Adminon February 20, 2019
Today, Activision and Treyarch announced that the new season of content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 begins tomorrow, February 19th. Called Operation Grand Heist, the season features updates across the entire game, including a new Specialist, new outfits and personalisation items, new Blackout map additions, vehicles and game modes, and much more. A new trailer video […]

Metro Exodus is Out Now – Press Release

by Borderlands 3 Adminon February 15, 2019
Moscow, 15 February 2019 | Deep Silver and 4A Games are proud to announce the worldwide release of  Metro Exodus for Xbox One, the all-in one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation® 4 computer entertainment system, and PC. Five years in the making, Metro Exodus sees Artyom and a band of Spartan Rangers flee the […]

Most Of Gearbox Working On Borderlands 3

by Borderlands 3 Adminon June 29, 2017
When it comes to video game development, it’s not new that developers sometimes split their teams up to ensure that multiple projects get done. However, as the video below reveals, the large part of Gearbox is working on Borderlands 3. This goes along with the fact that Gearbox has said that they aren’t just excited […]

Why is There No New News About Borderlands 3???

by Borderlands 3 Adminon June 29, 2017
So, it’s been a long time since we got any news about Borderlands 3. We know it’s coming, we know it uses Unreal Engine 4, and that it’s still being made by Gearbox, but we want fresh news! What could this mean for the franchise? The video below discusses the question…

What We Know About Borderlands 3

by Borderlands 3 Adminon June 29, 2017
So, Borderlands 3 is coming, but the team at Gearbox have been pretty tight-lipped about information. In times like these, it’s best that we look back at what we know for sure is happening. The video below does just that.

Borderlands 3 Tech Demo

by Borderlands 3 Adminon June 29, 2017
Borderlands has always been a marvel to look at. It’s unique mix of video game graphics and comic book style art make it a truly one of a kind game. For Borderlands 3, we know the game will use the Unreal Engine 4. Take a look at the first demo for the game here!